Spawning temps for Redhorse?

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Spawning temps for Redhorse?
<p>Hello all, I remember&nbsp;a while ago reading about the spawning temperatures of redhorse, but can&#39;t seem to find it anymore. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I&#39;m specifically wondering about black redhorse.</p>
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Sucker Spawning Temps

For black redhorse info, I've got a copy of Fishes of Missouri in front of me that puts thei Ozark spawning run in late April-Early May. Of course, this might be later up north, and it might be later this year because of the way the winter failed to exit properly. Fishes of Tennessee says 15-18 degrees celcius, late April and Early May in Illinois. Deeper, faster water with larger gravel size than golden redhorse use. Goldens spawn at 16-21 degrees celcius - so just after the black redhorse. Hope this helps.

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The redhorse chart Olaf made

The redhorse chart Olaf made has the spawning temp listed as follows:

Black 56

Golden 60

Silver 56

Shorthead  47

Greater  64

River 72

Hope that helps

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June 1st
Last year I caught two black redhorse, one male one female, both in real juicy spawning condition. Mid to late may is probably best to look for spawners.
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Awesome, this is exactly what

Awesome, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a bunch guys!