My Photos

Hey, guys. This is my attempt to hack a multiple-file uploader into the site. Here's how it works: First, add a set of images using the "Add Batch Image Set" link below. You can drag and drop images directly from your computer into the area labelled "Drop Files Here to Upload". Be sure to wait for the files to upload before uploading a new one or clicking "Save"! There's a little blue spinner icon below the images that shows the upload is working - wait for it to stop spinning before clicking anything else on the page. You can also click the "Browse" link and then select multiple images using the Ctrl key. Once you have the images loaded, click save. From the "My Photos" page, you can just right-click on the image thumbnail and choose "Copy Link Location" to get the full image URL. "Copy Image Location" gets you the thumbnail. Paste it into the image widget for the Expedition Report or Forum Post or whatever content you are authoring. Images will be automatically resized to 1024 pixels. However, a bunch of big images being resized puts a lot of stress on the server so it can take a long time. Have patience! I'm really bad at explaining things, so be sure to ask for help on the forum if you have trouble. If it breaks or doesn't work right, you can email me directly at

Add Batch Image Set