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These are all the awards currently available.

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Golden Fish Award

This award may be handed out to any roughfisher for great achievements and general excellence in angling.

The Stick

The Stick is an award for complete failure. An angler receives this award when they share an angling tale of woe. It is also a good luck charm!

Redhorse Master

This award applies to all anglers who have legally caught six or more species of redhorse.

Ling King

This award goes to anyone who lands a burbot over ten pounds.

Bigger Than Me

The Bigger Than Me award goes to any angler who catches a fish that's longer than they are tall.


This award is given to anyone who catches 12 species of salmonids.

2018 Uber-Angler Fish-it-All Challenge Award

Participants in the Spring Species Contest can catch a wide array of fishes to earn this award - depending on their region.

Buffalo Soldier

This award goes to anyone who catches all three species of north american buffalo fish on hook and line.

2018 20-Species Tier Award

For attaining 20 species in the Spring Species Contest.

2018 30-Species Tier Award

30 species in the 2018 contest.

2018 40-Species Tier Award

40 Species

2018 Best Fish Photo

Best Fish Photo of 2018

2018 Best Non-Fish Photo

2018 Lightning Fisher

Awarded for catching the most species on day 1 of the contest.

2018 Longest Fish Award

Given to the angler who catches the biggest fish by length in the spring contest.

2018 Oscar (Best Fish Award)

Dinosaur Hunter

This award is a lifetime award for anyone who has caught impressive specimens of all the primitive fishes available to the angler (gar, bowfin, and sturgeon).

Root River Species Derby Champion

This award is given to anyone who wins the world-famous Root River Species Derby and claims the Silver Redhorse Trophy.

Scum Foot

Sunfish Slammer

An award for anyone who catches 12 species of (standard-sized, non-black-bass) sunfish, including at least 3 different species caught that measure over ten inches, and three OTHER species caught that measure over eight inches.