Coney time!

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Mike B
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Coney time!

Yk Gordo and I went for a day trip Saturday to the inconnu and monster pike spot we discovered in the North Arm of Great Slave Lake last year. Weather was crappy, waves were scary, fishing ... absolutely fantastic! The coneys aren't at maximum thickness yet (meaning, we were hooking them only on every third cast as opposed to every cast last year) but there were some nice, big 20-pound-plus females around and the Northern pike fishing was just amazing. I personally landed at least a dozen 40-plus inch pike in eight hours of fishing. Only three fish between us were under 35 inches. And they were biting everything: ciscoes under a float to 12-inch rubber swim baits to smallish spoons cast for inconnu. Hands were hamburger after handling so many fish. Back, arms and hands so sore, but good sore. Here's some pics. It rained hard all day and my hands were constantly covered in slime so it was hard keeping crap off the camera lens. A few of the shots are a bit blurry.

Yk Gordo with a babe of a coney

Hogged out pike stuffed with whitefish and inconnu

We did a lot of our fishing right from shore by the rapids. Inconnu were hanging tight to the middle; pike stuck largely to the margins.

The pike were so fat. Gord weighed one that was only 35 inches long but weighed 20 lbs! This one was 43 inches long and I'm guessing 21-22 lbs.

My camera was effing up so I didn't get a good shot but this black bear was at the river when we showed up. It stayed by the river in this position 30 feet from where I was fishing for the first couple hours until it caught it an inconnu (didn't have the camera ready!) and then sat down, ate it, and went to sleep. Didn't care that we were there at all.

So many big pike.

One of two 45-inchers I landed Saturday

Glad to be back among the coneys



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Holy moly kick ass That's som

Holy moly kick ass

That's some awesome fish right there! What I wouldn't give to spend a couple days at that miraculous piece of river...thanks for sharing, mike.

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19 days...

19 days...




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Amazing stuff, Mike.  I just think those fish are the bomb. 

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Wow. Wow. Wow. That's insane,

Wow. Wow. Wow. That's insane, those fish are massive and beautiful, incredible report man! Awesome!

Your momma fishes for lifers with Eagle Claws.
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Very cool!  I love these repo

Very cool!  I love these reports.

Jason E.
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Unfreaking believable.  Wow.

Unfreaking believable.  Wow.

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Insanity at it's best!

To catch one of those trophy fish in a lifetime is a great accomplishment but to hook one after another is just phenomenal…You are some lucky anglers for sure!

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Those inconnu are bad ass! Thanks for sharing those great pics.

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Awesome report and photos!  T

Awesome report and photos!  The bear encounter would have been an adrenaline rush for sure


DavidG Blog:

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That's big time

That's big time

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cool fish congrats to you and your friend, catching fish of a lifetime every 2 or 3 casts must be amazing...congrats just congrats.

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Great Stuff!!

Great Stuff!!

the pyromaniac
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This is just sick!  That area

This is just sick!  That area is high on my list of dream destinations...  I'd love to catch a single inconnu, but to get them like this, well, yeah, I just don't have words.........  Amazing!




Let there be fire!

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What Andy said...

Just unbelievable.

Can't imagine action like that. At a place like that.

Those Inconnu look soooooooooooo awesomous.

No words...

Fishn sure is neat

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So incredibly gnarly. As usua

So incredibly gnarly. As usual.