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Suwannee Bass – Micropterus notius


The Suwannee Bass is a unique species of black bass, found only in the "Big Bend" region of northern Florida, as well as south-central Georgia. Seldom exceeding 12 inches in length, the Suwannee is nonetheless a fiesty and belligerent fish, much like its larger cousin the Spotted Bass. This fish prefers flowing waters, and likes to hold on station near rocks or logs before rushing out to engulf a minnow, insect, or crawdad. The all-tackle record is just under four pounds. The classic Suwannee Bass river is, of course, the Suwannee River of Georgia and Florida, a tannic blackwater stream that snakes its way out of the Okeefenokee Swamp. But the Suwannee Bass is actually more abundant in the Suwannee's main tributaries, the Santa Fe, Alapaha, and Withlacoochee rivers. Suwannee Bass can also be found in the Ochlockonee, Ichetucknee, Aucilla, St. Marks, and Wacissa rivers.




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