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This beautiful and elusive fish is common in the small, clean rivers of middle America. This fish often comprises a fairly large proportion of the total fish community in these small rivers, yet very rarely shows up on the end of our lines. Finicky, wary, and mysterious to the extreme, the river carpsucker is the ultimate test of your patience and angling skill.




The river carpsucker is a large, heavy-bodied fish with large, close-knit scales and a pointed dorsal fin. The river carpsucker is more prone to living in smaller rivers, as well as trout streams, than the other carpsuckers. Sporting excellent vision, a hyper-sensitive lateral line, an excellent sense of taste, and extreme selectivity, the river carpsucker is possibly the wariest and most challenging of all freshwater fish. Stalking them while sighted in clear water is nigh-impossible, as they are tight schoolers and respond immediately to any percieved danger. At the same time, their feeding habits are strange, ranging from burrowing chironomids to vegetative matter. To top it all off, these fish sometimes enter dormant cycles where feeding is completely suppressed and they will not move at all for hours.



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