OPEN Species Requests

This is a list of all the new species or fish identification requests that have come in but have not been assigned a species yet. We try to get through all of these within a week or two, if possible, unless it's contest month or we're on a fishing trip. Displaying 51 - 75 of 116
Photo Requested by Post date Proposed Common Name Proposed Scientific Name Size Actual Species Assigned Edit link Closed Without Identification
dlk243 11/5/20 Honeycomb Rockfish Sebastes umbosus Standard No
maurer416 10/18/20 Teardrop Darter Etheostoma barbouri Micro No
maurer416 10/18/20 Kentucky Darter Etheostoma rafinesquei Micro No
maurer416 10/18/20 Bluegrass Darter Etheostoma jimmycarter Micro No
maurer416 10/10/20 Northern madtom Noturus stigmosus Micro No
Gr8b8 10/9/20 Fatlips Minnow Phenacobius crassilabrum Micro No
Fishaholicsanonymous89 9/25/20 Corrugated Darter Etheostoma basilare Micro No
Fishaholicsanonymous89 9/25/20 Freckled Madtom Noturus Nocturnus Micro No
maurer416 9/22/20 Shoal Chub Macrhybopsis hyostoma Micro No
Moose439 9/20/20 Freshwater tubenose goby Proterorhinus semilunaris Micro No
Seth K. 9/20/20 Northern Anchovy Engraulis Mordax Micro No
SerpentMound 9/15/20 Longhead Darter Percina macrocephala Micro No
BradleyR 8/29/20 Shark, Pacific Spiny Dogfish Squalus suckleyi Standard No
BradleyR 8/29/20 unknown fish Engraulis mordax Micro No
Gr8b8 8/10/20 Lipstick Darter Etheostoma chuckwachatte Micro No
Gr8b8 8/10/20 Muscadine darter Percina smithvanizi Micro No
Gr8b8 8/10/20 Black Madtom Noturus funebris Micro No
Gr8b8 8/10/20 Tallapoosa Sculpin Cottus tallapoosae Micro No
AlexanderS 7/21/20 Sabrefish Pelecus cultratus Standard No
AlexanderS 7/21/20 Sun bleak Leucaspius delineatus Micro No
jarl5 7/16/20 Smooth Butterfly Ray Gymnura micrura Standard No
Species.Spotlight 7/14/20 Redface topminnow Fundulus rubrifrons Micro No
Underpants52 7/13/20 Gulf Darter Etheostoma swaini Micro No
Gr8b8 7/1/20 Chattahoochee Sculpin Cottus chattahoochee Micro No
Underpants52 6/28/20 Sharpfin Chubsucker Erimyzon tenuis Standard No