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The mooneye is a bizarre fish. Part of the fish family known as Osteoglossids or "Bonytongues", mooneyes are in the same family as the Arowana or Dragonfish, the Arapaima, and the Pantodon Butterfly Fish. Hyperactive schoolers, packs of mooneyes roam our major rivers, searching for prey. Mooneyes feed on insects, crustaceans, and minnows. They also provide forage for many types of predators. Mooneyes live only in rivers, and are easy to catch. They take bait and artificials with equal gusto, day or night. During insect hatches, they provide fine sport on dry flies.


One sure-fire way to get a mooneye on your line is to drift a nightcrawler in a main river channel. For some reason, a 'crawler bumping along the river bottom is irresistable to the mooneye. They usually hook themselves, so all you have to do is keep the bait drifting and wait for the telltale tugs of a struggling mooneye.






Mooneye have teeth on their bony tongues. The dorsal fin starts ahead of or even with the origin of the anal fin.


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