Master List of Species Requests

This is a list of all the new species or fish identification requests that have come in. This should make it much easier for people to upload pictures of new or unknown fish, and it will also make it quicker and easier for the admins to process them as they come in. Once they are completed, they drop off the front page, so you can view them all here. You can use the boxes at the top of the list to filter the list, if desired.
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Photo Requested by Post date Proposed Common Name Proposed Scientific Name Size Actual Species Assigned Edit link Closed Without Identification
Gr8b8 10/9/20 Fatlips Minnow Phenacobius crassilabrum Micro No
Fishaholicsanonymous89 9/25/20 Corrugated Darter Etheostoma basilare Micro No
Fishaholicsanonymous89 9/25/20 Freckled Madtom Noturus Nocturnus Micro No
maurer416 9/22/20 Shoal Chub Macrhybopsis hyostoma Micro No
Moose439 9/20/20 Freshwater tubenose goby Proterorhinus semilunaris Micro No
Seth K. 9/20/20 Northern Anchovy Engraulis Mordax Micro No
SerpentMound 9/15/20 Longhead Darter Percina macrocephala Micro No
BradleyR 8/29/20 Shark, Pacific Spiny Dogfish Squalus suckleyi Standard No
BradleyR 8/29/20 unknown fish Engraulis mordax Micro No
Gr8b8 8/10/20 Lipstick Darter Etheostoma chuckwachatte Micro No
Gr8b8 8/10/20 Muscadine darter Percina smithvanizi Micro No
Gr8b8 8/10/20 Black Madtom Noturus funebris Micro No
Gr8b8 8/10/20 Tallapoosa Sculpin Cottus tallapoosae Micro No
jfleullan 7/30/20 Scalloped Hammerhead Sphyrna lewini Standard Yes
AlexanderS 7/21/20 Sabrefish Pelecus cultratus Standard No
AlexanderS 7/21/20 Sun bleak Leucaspius delineatus Micro No
jarl5 7/16/20 Smooth Butterfly Ray Gymnura micrura Standard No
Species.Spotlight 7/14/20 Redface topminnow Fundulus rubrifrons Micro No
Underpants52 7/13/20 Gulf Darter Etheostoma swaini Micro No
Gr8b8 7/1/20 Chattahoochee Sculpin Cottus chattahoochee Micro No
Underpants52 6/28/20 Sharpfin Chubsucker Erimyzon tenuis Standard No
Species.Spotlight 6/17/20 Gulf Pipefish Syngnathus scovelli Micro No
Underpants52 6/14/20 Frecklebelly Madtom Noturus munitus Micro No
fishingwithpole 6/1/20 utsusemi-kajika Cottus reinii Micro No
BradleyR 5/30/20 Grunter, Khaki Hephaestus tulliensis Standard No