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Longnose Sucker - Catostomus catostomus


An arctic fish, the Longnose sucker lives in Lake Superior, as well as in Canada, Alaska, a few large northern Minnesota lakes, the Rainy River, and Siberia. It is the only sucker capable of living in saltwater. In Alaska it is often found in brackish habitats near river mouths. The Longnose Sucker is a peculiar fish. The underslung mouth is very papilose (covered in warts), and positioned farther back on the head than other suckers. The resemblance of it's mouth to the sturgeon's has given this fish another common name: The Sturgeon Sucker. Longnose suckers are usually dark brown in color on their upper bodies, and their bellies are white, with a sharp contrast between the two. During the spawn, dominant male Longnose Suckers develop a bright red coloration on their dorsal surface which is quite striking. Males also develop small but numerous tubercules on their caudal and anal fins. Their habits are similar to the White Sucker, but they tolerate only cold waters. Like most suckers, they ascend streams in the spring to spawn. Longnose suckers do not grow large - 3 pounds is about tops according to the record books. However, I think that record-breaking individuals of this species are fairly common. Light spinning or fly tackle would be your best bet if you're looking to snare a longnose, but they are extremely strong fighters, often jumping, tailwalking, and making determined runs into heavy cover. They will take nightcrawlers as well as flies.


Other Names:  Redside Sucker, Red Sucker, Sturgeon Sucker, Mullet, Red Mullet, Northern Sucker, Finescale Sucker, Black Sucker, Blackstriped Sucker



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