Wrecked Angler is Roundup 2019 Species Derby Champion!

After the three hour contest was over, 10 anglers were tied with 4 species caught each.  A sudden death fish-off showdown was held, wherein the first angler to catch any two fish wins.  After some dramatic lost fish close to the bank by other competitors, Wrecked Angler reeled in his second shorthead and became the new Champion.  Congrats Wrecked Angler!

Look for a full writeup on Roundup 2019 soon - or some time before next Roundup...


D.T.'s picture

Way to go champ! Congrats dude for sure. Definitely an achievment. Sudden death was intense. You vs. nine others. Casey alsmost had it, then Maggie came so close just to have it slip away. But you did it dude. Right on man.

Goldenfishberg's picture

In the enigmatic words of the Wrecked Angler himself “WOOOOOOOOOO” 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Casey Shanaberger's picture

It is certainly not my honor, but it is definitely my duty to congratulate you! Hell of a job sticking in there even after Maggie and I lost our fish. 


I'll be comin' for ya next year though, so watch out!

"I swear if you catch another drum"

Moose439's picture

Great job keeping the trophy in Minnesota where it belongs Wrecked! You the man.

Fishaholicsanonymous89's picture

Well deserved! Congtats again Wrecked! 

Margaret Novak

Corey's picture

Great job. Tough battle this year!

Dr Flathead's picture

Heck yeah nice win man!