Whitefish, Round TonyS



A surprise Menomonee! From WI
Date Caught: 
Wednesday, April 4, 2012


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One of my dream species that one!




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Find a river with them in it!  No idea what populations are like near you but Lake Superior has a good population and some of the tributaries get used at times.


After that it just seems like timing, if we could fish this river in Late Fall we'd probably catch tons of them.  We got lucky one spring and there were numbers there for some reason.  I think we approached doubt digits for catches of Rounds in a half dozen trips or so.  I lost one monster at the bank approaching the size of that one Mike B has a pic of (19"ish).  I tried a few times later - in the summer and the next spring and didn't get any.


This was the only brassy colored one we got the rest were silvery, no idea why