Whitefish, Round Outdoors4life



North Shore
Date Caught: 
Friday, June 24, 2016
Juvenile sight fished in the lake at a river mouth. ID used the spots on the side of the fish at the lateral line.
Strains, Subspecies, and Hybrids: 


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Damn, super cool! North shore of Lake Superior?

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Yup back in 2016 with Hengelaar and EricKol. We each got a few. I was just going over photos and noticed I had never added it into my lifelist. A few days after this trip my computer died and I lost all my pics that were not backed up but luckily all my fishing photos were backed up.

It is all perspective!

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Awesome! That's a big want of mine.. the more time I spend researching them the more I need to go get one. Any idea how "targetable" they are? Fairly consistent at the right time of year?