Whitefish, Mountain Eric Kol



Wind River Wyoming
Date Caught: 
Sunday, August 21, 2016
caught sz 18 hare's ear nymph, caught a dozen within 1 hr


Goldenfishberg's picture

YES, SWEET! man I want a mounty so bad. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

andy's picture

Nice fish, eric. And 12 fish in an hour? That sounds like a lot of fun...
Outdoors4life's picture

Classic pic!

Kol so glad you got out and away. Beautiful fish and some upgrades on lifer pics too!

It is all perspective!

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Hengelaar's picture

What a cool fish! Man, Coregonids look so sweet. I can't wait to catch some that aren't bait sized...

Fishn sure is neat