Week 7: Catch-22 for maurer416 Created: Wed, 07/15/2020 - 22:25 Default: No

Micro ID 

Bluntnose minnow (pic #12)- subterminal mouth, black stripe, thin body

Rainbow darter (pic #10)- orange on anal fin

Orangethroat Darter (pic#20) - no orange on anal fin 

Fantail darter (pic#11)- unique looking enough 

Greenside darter (pic #19)- "butterfly" type markings along side instead of x or w like johnny 

Johnny Darter (pic#18) - x or w along side, no greenish coloration 

Steelcolor shiner (pic#22) dark pigment on front and back half of dorsal, 9 anal rays (also caught spotfin but did not want to include both) 

Central stoneroller (pic #23)- subterminal mouth, sucker-like appearance 

Striped shiner (pic #13) pretty obvious 

Silver shiner (pic#21)- long and skinny, no markings, dorsal and pelvic fin line up 

Banded sculpin (pic#17) - dark bands and lateral line goes to tail 

Blackstripe topminnow (pic#16) - black stripe extending to tail and fundulus mouth 

Also caught spotfin shiner, redfin shiner, grass pickerel, western mosquitofish, and warmouth. Either forgot my button or didn't include because not as easy to ID 

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