Week 6: Untested Waters Challenge for NLBassin Created: Sun, 07/12/2020 - 19:15 Default: No

This week I fished 2 spots that I have never fished before. The first spot was elm creek dam in champlin mn where I caught the green sunfish, bluegill, black bullhead, and black crappie. The second spot I fished I would like to keep a secret. At the the second spot I caught a 24 inch northern and on the next cast I caught 35 inch northern that I forgot to take a picture of with the button because it bit me and I was bleeding all over. This week's challenge was very fun thanks and sorry for the blurry photos.


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I don't blame you for wanting to keep a spot in the Twin City metro area with 35" pike a secret. Awesome that you discovered it this week.