Week 5: Water Cleanup Week for Pinefish123 Created: Sat, 07/04/2020 - 05:16 Default: No

I chose the Arizona Game and Fish access/property at Fool Hollow Lake, Arizona. Unfortunately, it was extremely easy to quickly fill 2 40-gallon trash bags, plus an old drum and a lost fishing rod in the mud. The place is a mess. Helping to clean up was way more satisfying than catching all the fish. And that is saying something, as I had a great day of fishing and caught 9 species at this spot. I caught largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, green sunfish, and channel catfish in addition to the species I submitted. The surprise was the pike I caught while targetting bass. I couldn't catch a pike in 3 days of fishing during the Roughfish Bingo, but that's fishing.

Like I said, the cleanup was very satisfying. This challenge was a great idea and I plan to do this on my own more often. I used to clean up fishing spots quite a bit but got out of that good habit when my career got very busy and stressful. I plan to pick up this habit again now that I'm retired (7 months ago).

This was a great challenge idea. Thanks. 

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Never thought they would be found that far South.  Pretty cool to learn that!

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They're not native to the state and were introduced back in the 1970s.