Week 3: Fishing up the Food Chain for Graceclaw Created: Sun, 06/21/2020 - 15:00 Default: No

This was a real struggle for me this week - I struck out on bowfin in 3 different spots and pike in 2 before I got one. No Channel Cats to be seen either. I had a bit of a handicap in that I don't own tanagos, so targeting sunfish was out of the question - decided to commit hardcore to creek chub and try to keep at least 1 small one when gathering. I went out 4 times before finally catching a very dandy, guthooked drum (he swallowed the chub so I juxtaposed one of similar size). Probably the most I'll struggle with a challenge (fingers crossed).

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This was kind of a tough one for me too - low water around here has micros moving out of thier normal haunts and correspondingly, spots that seemed almost unfishable three weeks ago due to nuisance pike are now slack, stale water and devoid of life. Had to follow the herd.

I didn't notice but did anyone get multiple links in stepping up the chain?  - meaning catching a bait species on a bait species and then going for a standard species.  The grand slam might be a hooking a tiny fathead or shiner, the using it to catch a chub, then using the chub to catch a bullhead then feeding that bullhead to a big pike or flathead.  Turned out to be a ridiculous pipe-dream for me  (gotta dream when waiting for your lighted bobber to go down) but wondering if DT (or others) may have had a couple links in place with his bullhead and flattie. 


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That would be fun. A challenge to catch a multi-level food chain. Tiny minnow -> chub -> pike. That would be fun to try.

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And of course you could catch the micro on a swatted fly to add another level haha

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Yeah, that's what I imagined this week was going to be- catch 2 food chain links. This was still good though!

Now, on to Bingo......