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I did quite a bit of fishing with micro tackle for this challenge, which is pretty new to me and while a bit frustrating, I found some success.  It was fun because our lake up North has gone through 2 consecutive mild Winterkills, and we really hadn't seen all of the species that made it through yet.  By microfishing the shoreline I was able to document 3 types of sunfish, yellow perch, black crappie, northern pike, tadpole madtom, golden shiner, banded killifish and blackchin shiner.  We never even knew blackchins lived there before. 

I caught the perch and crappie on wily wallaby strawberry licorice.  The pumpkinseed, green sunfish and bluegill on a tiny piece of ham.  

For the pike, I texas rigged a skinny slice of Famous Daves spicy pickle spear on an offset worm hook.  With no weight, I fished it like a swimbait.  It was very weedless.  Each pickle slice would only last 10 casts or so before it fell off, but I got 3 savage strikes and missed them.  Finally I got to a deep nice cabbage weed edge and let a fresh pickle fly.  Halfway through my retrieve I watched this solid 7 pound pike attack it from the side!  

Pike on a pickle.  I'd actually try that method again some time!

I wasn't sure if the pike will count because I imparted action to the pickle, using it as a lure.  Because of this I included 6 species.




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