Webmaster Corey's Minnesota Eel Dreams Come True

Here's the original pic (click to enlarge):

Some of you complain that I don't smile enough in my fish pictures - here's one for you!

I don't even know what to say.  I'll write more tomorrow. 


Outdoors4life's picture

That thing was a beast to see in person! I hope you post a couple more pics you were in shock it is a good thing there was Doc the eel whisperer there!

It is all perspective!

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Jknuth's picture

What da HAAAA!!  WAHOOO!!!!
Well done sir! well done indeed!


Gunnar's picture

I feel like we all just won a prize!

Congratulations--if anyone ever deserved an eel, it's you.


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Hengelaar's picture

Wow, congratulations.

What an amazing catch. Seems the Eel Portal is open again!

Sure as fudge doesný look like the smallest Eel in the world, either.

Fishn sure is neat

the pyromaniac's picture

Congrats Corey! With all the crap that's happened in the last couple years, you really deserve it!




Let there be fire!

Professor Fish's picture

Nice photos, that's a big one.

perkinsdonald's picture

Amazing!!! Your pic Says a lot. :-)



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Deftik's picture

That's a good sized one, congratulations.

D.T.'s picture

Wow man! That is a dandy lookin specimen there Corey. I keep forgetting to open the home page. Doc sent me text to tell me about it. Now I see it.  All I can come up with for words is WOW and maybe AMAZING...Congrats webmaster.

TonyS's picture

Awesome!  very much jealous!  That first one is about the best Eel shot I've seen yet!

Tyler W's picture

That apears to be a giant eel. Congrats! Looks like you just won the Powerball of MN fish.

roughfish29's picture

Congrats Corey! I can't say it enough dude. A real monster too. Such a sweet catch, my friend. Hats off to you.

Moose439's picture

That thing was sickening man, super happy for you. You deserved it man!

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That is one huge/crazy critter! Congrats Corey, thats one helluva catch!

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Congrats Corey!  Welcome to the Eel Club.

Fantastic feat Corey!!! Congrats!!! Really happy for you!

fishingwithpole's picture

That's over twice as big as mine!



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That ol' girl was a beast, I hail this feat!

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Congrats Corey!!  That is a fantastic looking fish.  Great pics too!

TheHugbot's picture

WHAT A BEAST!!!!! I reckon my first eel will be something like 6 inches long, a 'bootlace' as they're called over here, but yours...

"That's over twice as big as mine!"



the pyromaniac's picture

That hearkens back to Deftik's slippery dick....




Let there be fire!

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the pyromaniac's picture





Let there be fire!