Ultimate Summer Fishing Challenge Rules

We at roughfish.com have devised a new challenge for all of us to undertake during the Coronavirus pandemic. A ten-week challenge. The esteemed members of the Carpsucker Underground have created a list of ten challenges which will be randomly assigned for the ten weeks from June until Mid-August. On every Sunday Night, a new challenge will be issued, and if you complete the challenge, you will earn ten points toward the final prize. Also, every week will end with an "Angler of the Week" award.

If any of these weekly challenges are completely impossible for you, you can instead complete the "Default Challenge" of catching ten species for that week (or five species for anglers in Northen Canada or Alaska) to earn up to 9 points. You can catch the same species again if you must complete the default challenge twice.

We erroneously listed the default challenge as a 10-point challenge. It is not. It is only worth 9 points, the full ten only goes to those who comnplete the actual challenge as listed. We apologize for the error.

  • Default Species Challenge (For any challenge you cannot attempt at your location, you can instead choose the Default Challenge): For species-rich regions, catch 10 standard species for 9 points - the first two species only count as 1 point). Photograph all species with the button/image. For species-poor regions where ten species is an extremely difficult challenge in a week, you only need to catch 5 (2 points each). Species-poor regions currently defined are Alaska, The Yukon, The NWT, Newfoundland, Labrador, Kamchatka, and Nunavut. Contact Corey of Drew if you think your region qualifies as species-poor.
The ten weekly challenges will be randomly assigned on Sunday of each week. Their titles are:
  1. Fishing up the Food Chain
  2. Grocery Store Bait
  3. Water Cleanup Week
  4. Untested Waters
  5. Big Fish Quest
  6. Handline Mastery
  7. Improvised Lure Challenge
  8. Round Fish Roundup
  9. Roughfish Bingo
  10. Catch 22

The details of each challenge will be posted when the challenge becomes active.

At the end of the week: Upload your challenge entry for the week by midnight Sunday night. Let us know if you need an extension or if this doesn't work for you for some reason.

I ask you, as a loyal member of this wonderful community of anglers, to order a button when you register for the contest. Your contribution pays for this site to exist. However, because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are allowing anyone to enter and compete free of charge. You can simply print out the contest graphic and compete.

All challenges MUST be completed within approximately 60 miles of your primary residence or where you work or spend a lot of your time.

The first challenge will be announced by me, when May turns to June.

Good luck to all of you in the challenges to come.