Tyler Goodale Potential World Record Spotted Sucker

Roughfish.com member Tyler sight-fished this massive female spotted sucker today.  He has plans to get it certified as a new record soon!  

That is one beautiful fish, and he also caught a handful of other spotted suckers by perfectly timing the peak of the spawn.


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Whoa Tyler, that's unbelivable! (at least for roughfishing mortals) What a beyond impressive catch.  Congrats!!!

I think I would soil my pants if I was watching a fish like that crusing up on my bait. Great job in pulling it off!


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What an amazing fish. Congratulations Tyler!

mike b

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Most impressive brother!  Well done!

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Fan-flippin-tastic catch!


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Nice rotund sucker!  Looks like a plump Sucker and a Spotted at that.  Very cool Tyler.  Congrats!

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Awesome catch.