Trout, Golden AR-Tenner



Central Idaho
Date Caught: 
Monday, July 20, 2020
My wife and I are inveterate Golden-chasers, and this summer found our best fish, not in the top destinations of the Wind River Range, but in Idaho. A 20" Golden was always on my life list, and this beauty made it happen; cruising at the edge of a dropoff back and forth every few minutes, until I set just the right color of nymph right in his lane, and he inhaled it. After a quick photo and measurement, he shot out of my hands with just a few seconds of reviving, back to the large school (more than a dozen), with which he was cruising. Many days at the lake, he was by far the biggest fish we spotted, and I feel so honored and lucky to have gotten to briefly examine his beauty up close before release.


Graceclaw's picture

Incredible catch, I've never seen a Golden Trout anywhere near that size. Persistence pays off!