Sucker, Bluehead TonyS



Nunyo Creek, Ute territory
Date Caught: 
Sunday, July 25, 2021


vanner's picture

That's really cool 

Goldenfishberg's picture

That's a super cool lifer Tony! Nice one, really neat! I like the fish's foam scarf that's a nice touch. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

TonyS's picture

Thanks! It was a super cool suprise for sure!  It was mixed in with Roundtails and the usual mix of invasive Bass, Catfish and Carp. Some impressively big Bass in there now, hopefully they don't become a big problem... The scarf is clearly just a fashion choice, unless dipping below the triple digits is enough to prompt a slight chill...

WreckedAngler's picture

Very cool

D.T.'s picture

I didnt even know what the heck ute territory even was. I hadta google it. Ya, I suppose it was hot there.I wouldnt wanna be wearing a scarf thats for sure. Fasion or no fasion.

You've got quite the knack for catching the unusual stuff Tony. I like how the scale pattern changes as it goes from front to back. And a skill at catching suckers.for sure.

Way to go man!