Snakehead, Northern Nick Li



Potomac River Roaches Run
Date Caught: 
Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Caught on Rage Toad


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Always love to see the snakeheads!

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I had to google "Rage Toad".  Sounds like a great bait for the snakeheads!

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Like most good snakehead lures, it's a bass bait that happens to work well on snakeheads as well. It's made by Strike King, but there are similar baits from Zoom, ZMan, Stanley, and tons of other companies. Rig it Texas style, weightless, and work it back slowly like a buzzbait. They hit it on top like a freight train, from what I've heard from my guys who have caught them.




Let there be fire!

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I pitched it onto heavy spadderdock and the snakehead hit straight through the pads, but yeah, buzzbaits, hollowbody frogs, and soft plastics like rage toads