Snakehead, Northern fishingwithpole



Kayocho Pond, Fukuoka, Japan
Date Caught: 
Saturday, August 4, 1984
Caught on Harrison Super Frog in August 1984 at Kayocho Pond, Japan. 70.5 cm. I was crazy about catching snakehead at that time. Northern snakehead in Japan was introduced from Korea during the World War II as a food resource although nowadays they are seldom eaten. They used to be treated as a gang fish like largemouth bass and bluegill of these days, but have completely been established in the ecology system in Japan and are even declining due to habitat loss. However, they are still in good number in Kyushu Island, especially in creeks in Saga Prefecture. In fishing them, bite to a top water lure such as frog imitation is the most fun part because usually we have to use a heavy tackle to pull the fish out of heavy cover, ruining the fighting fun.
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