Snakehead, Bullseye Outdoors4life



Drainage ditch in Southern Florida
Date Caught: 
Wednesday, December 7, 2016
5.5 pounds forgot to measure


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Sweet catch, O4L.  What a cool fish.

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Perfect Snakehead pose, too. I can't wait to tie into one of those eventually!

Good on you for persistence in that spot, man.

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This is one of those fish that you all should chase some day. 
I lost so many before I got a good hookup that stuck. Everyone has a different style of fishing and for me, I am a sight fishing nut. I tried a 4/0 hook but could not get penetration to hook up properly. I ended up using a size 2 hook and a small shiner. It is one of those fish that I am proud to have caught. I hooked up with larger and smaller ones but this is the one I caught and it was mellow compared to the others. Once landed it only thrashed once.

They are all fin and have powerful runs.  

It is all perspective!

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im still trying to get his northern cousin up here in philly ! that thing is dealdy awesome !