Redhorse, Shorthead NickP27



Thames River, London, ON
Date Caught: 
Sunday, April 23, 2017
Strains, Subspecies, and Hybrids: 


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That is a really odd-looking Shorthead. Do you have more pictures?

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I threw up another two pictures of the same fish ... let me know what you think.  I've only caught a handful of Redhorse (Shorthead/Golden) before and am still struggling a bit to ID them so I take a bunch of pictures.  My Golden lifer look like a Golden?  I put up another pic there too.

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It's just a really washed out Shorthead with an exceptionally small mouth for its size (at least, it looks that way to me).

Your Golden is definitely a Golden.

If you've only caught a few, you should spend some time targeting them on ultralite tackle! Shorthead especially are a real blast.


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I'll give the light tackle a go, planning on getting the other three fishable lifers in my area crossed off before June.  Silver, Greater, River; going to take a lot of leg work as most of the water around my house is prohibited for targetting Suckers/Redhorse ... I'll write it up in an expedition when I'm done, win or lose

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That's the first I've heard of that! Is it via a ban on live bait? I ran into that a lot in Washington.

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I live right in the middle of the Copper Redhorse range and they do not want any incedental catches or people mistaking them for another species, totally makes sense, the average angler won't know the difference.  The live bait ban is now a live/dead/cut bait ban as of April 1st, looks like worms and chicken livers it is from now on.

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It's a shorthead and that's one of my favorite rivers. Wish I lived closer to it!




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Same here! Nice river.  I lived in Ontario all my life (until this year) and never once fished it.  Wish I had, quite the drive now that I am a Quebecer like yourself.  Looks like a lot of nice water to explore around here too, once it stops flooding ...