Professor Fish Wins 2012 Species Contest

An inspired effort by Proffessor Fish puts him over the top.  He wins the custom fishing rod!  Congrats to everyone involved.  I'm continually amazed by the dedication and downright cleverness of the anglers who compete.


Iris wins the kids contest with 8 species!




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Good luck people! And travel safe. 

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So excited!!! Can't. Contain. Myself.


Good luck, everyone!!!! smiley

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Best of luck to you all! Can't wait to see all the cool fish that will surely be posted in the coming weeks!!! :)

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I don't stand a chance to even get into the top ten. But this is always so much fun for me. This year I and determined to get a O.S.S and a shovel sturg in my entries. Dang things anyway.

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Good luck to everybody!  I hope some people are out there already racking some up.  I'm heading out in 7 hours - not that I'm counting or anything....

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Congratulations Professor Fish and Iris!  Well done!




Let there be fire!

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Iris is freaking out!

Yelling, whooping, dancing, pumping fists, etc.

Great news!

Even better news: she still wants to go fishing, even when there's no contest.

Thanks, Corey.


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2020: 10 days fishing 11 species 0 lifers. 2019: 34/45/13 2018: 39/40/5

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Well done, Professor and Iris... Well done!!!! 

Do not meddle in the affairs of BAGMAN, for thou art crunchy and good with Old Bay seasoning...


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Congrats prof, you definitely earned the win.

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Congrats, Professor! Especially I envy your muskie!