Positive Roughfish Message in MN Fishing Regulations!

This is on page 4 of the 2021 fishing regulations booklet.  Big thanks to Corey and Tyler W for getting this done!

Pictured is Roughfish member (and my fiance's daughter) Ally (aka Sea Monster) with a Root River golden redhorse, from Roundup a couple years ago!

This is being shared all around Facebook in fishing groups, and fostering great conversations.  Huge step for our beloved under-appreciated species!



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What an awesome milestone and signature achievement - Very well done!!! 

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This is great to see!  I wish every state did this.  I'm so tired of seeing dead, smelly fish on the shore, filled with maggots.  These beautiful creatures could be out and about swimming around, contributing to their ecosystem.   

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This is proof positive that making a difference makes a difference. Lets make sure the MN DNR knows that people support this. It is safe to assume there will be some push back, so make sure your voice is heard. Email the DNR (info.dnr@state.mn.us) and voice your support. 

And I can promise you it matters. Afterall, that is how this got added to the regulations in the first place!

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Don't forget to let the DNR know that this messaging is appreciated!  At minimum, I'm sure the people answering will be happy to hear something positive from people (which I'm sure doesn't happen every day)

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Iowa and Wisconsin should take a tip from MN and run the same thing in their regs. 

"We don't fish for the fish. Ninety percent of what I like about this sport -- and it is a sport -- is sitting in the boat doing nothing. And the icing on the cake is when God smiles on you and you hook one." - Hank Hill