Please add Russetfin Topminnow

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Please add Russetfin Topminnow
<p>Russetfin Topminnow - <em>Fundulus escambiae</em></p> <p>I&#39;ve added this fish to my Lifelist as a Bayou Topminnow, but it is really a Russetfin Topminnow due to the lack of melanophores between the side stripes of this female. &nbsp;Both species have been sampled from this location..... &nbsp;Thanks - Arlan</p> <p><a href=" Bay Minnette Cr 053a 800.jpg"><img alt="Russetfin Topminnow - Fundulus escambiae" src="" style="width: 535px; height: 330px; " /></a></p>
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Topminnow Added!

Done - fish added!