NOT TO BE MISSED FishingPals4Life wins the 2016 Kid's Species Contest!

I don't think we gave the 2016 Kid's Division Champ enough credit.  This fierce competitor registered an unprecedented 23 species, and won the contest!  Congrats FishingPals4Life!  Check out his contest catches HERE.  We had an awesome showing from the youngsters this year - it's great to look toward a future with all of these bright Roughfisher-kids!




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Thanks for highlighting the kids contest, there were many great catches by the youth!

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The youth catagory was awesome. Great job fp4life!
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Great job kiddos, it doesn't matter if you caught a fish or 100 fish, the important thing is that you fished and had fun, that's what really counts.  Congrats FP on a relentless performance.  Be safe out there Team Rough and have a great summer, oh and don't forget to make some new fishing pals!

Fish On!!!

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Wow! I am totally impressed. Very respectable. Tip of the hat to ya.

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Congratulations!! Great job!!!



The gods do not subtract the alotted span in men's lives the hours spent in fishing.

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Thanks pals,

It was a great contest, I really had fun and caught alot of cool fish.  Thank you guys for all the advice and Andy and Corey for the great website!

Fish On!!


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Way to go man, I wish I had the same skills as you do when I was your age! Your off to an excellent start, keep up the good work and before you know it you'll be making us ALL sweat in the species contest. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Thanks Goldy,

Its always so much fun every year, I can't wait to get to meet some of you guys and do some fishing!