new Species request, Bartram's and Altamaha bass

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Eric Kol
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new Species request, Bartram's and Altamaha bass
I'm not sure what the official status is on these two redeye bass. Is the scientific community ready to have these be official yet?
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Not sure

I'm not sure, but the Georgia DNR site along with other state websites have separate species descriptions for them.  You've probably seen them, but the Georgia DNR species descriptions are very good -

However, the Bartram's and Altahama don't have names yet, and are still both labeled Micropterus sp. cf. cataractae.  Of course, the GA DNR could be years behind on taxonomy but they also don't have scientific names on the Fishes of Georgia site either.  I'd be very interested to see some recent status on the topic.

Looks like Tallapoosa Bass should be added, though as Micropterus tallapoosae.