My First Carp on the Fly

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My First Carp on the Fly
Hey guys, Not sure how many fly fishers frequent this forum, but I thought I'd share a link to a blog post I put together about my first attempt at targeting common carp on the fly. I have to say it was a lot of fun and something I'll be doing more frequently! Chris Here's the link:
Eric Kol
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free time

Ha, There goes all your free time. You'll be tossing flys to carp any chance you get. I suppose one could spend their time on worse things.

Carpy Diem!

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Hey Chris, I enjoyed reading the story. I absolutely love stalking carp on the fly, and have been doing it a long time. Some of my favorite flies are deep sparkle pupas, damsel nymphs and rabbit wooly worms. Seems like you have a good start on figuring them out, it really is about stealth and keying in on the clues that the fish give you. Part of the reason I love carp fishing this way is that it forces you to slow down, observe carefully and enjoy the hunt. Fooling just one fish and bringing it to hand is a success! Keep it up, and thanks for sharing.

Here's a little story I wrote about carp fishing 18 years ago -

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Thanks guys!

Thanks guys! Carp will definitely be making their way into my regular rotation going forward. It felt a lot like targeting really skittish redfish. Just with smaller flies.

Andy - Very informative read. I appreciate it and the recommendations. I have a hunch damsels and crayfish patterns will perform best in still water situations down here, but will definitely move a few of my caddis sparkle pupa patterns over to the carp box before next trip.  And as with your story, I really appreciate sitting back and taking the time to get a feel for the individual fish's behavior before deciding to take my shot.  It just adds another layer to it all.

Thanks again guys.