My Biggest Creek Chub

Saturday, April 16, 2022
Just under 12”

I've just found a tiny stream that is currently home to some good sized Creek Chub; here's my biggest from today.
I know most Anglers only consider them as pike bait, but I've really enjoyed catching them. They averaged about 9" (I had 28 in a couple of hours fishing) and only the smaller ones were easy to catch, the bigger ones were easily spooked and quite cautious biters. Very good fighters on light tackle, even though the temperature was so cold today that my line started to freeze. 

All fish caught were safely released (I only fish for Big Pike, in the UK & Sweden). The 5 biggest fish were all caught on bread flake, fished with the bait just touching bottom under a handcrafted Goldenrod Gall Finesse Waggler float. 

I showed the photograph to a few other Anglers and they all said that this was the biggest Creek Chub they had seen caught in WI (State Record is an 11.75" fish).