Inconnu for Hengelaar

Hengelaar traveled to the Northwest Territories and caught this awesome lifer.


Eric Kol's picture

spectacular. look at that thing

Carpy Diem!

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Did it compare to another species at all?  

Hengelaar's picture

Well, we only caught about 200 of them between the four of us, so it's hard to say...

They put up a good fight on the lighter rod (the 10 weight blank). Shit, some put up a good fight on the heavy stick, too! Some fight ok. Some go sooperspazz crazy. Some use the strong current really well, with their high bodies. Some jump! All of them do lots of flailing head and body shakes.


They're not nearly as strong as those Pike, though. But the Pike over there are crazy! Not like the Pike fights I'm used to, at all.

Fishn sure is neat

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Congrats!  That is one nice fish.  I hope there is a story to read about it.

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Wow, beautiful.