Grocery Store Bait Challenge Rules

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Grocery Store Bait Challenge Rules
Just wanted to ask a couple questions; were we supposed to include the bait in the same photo as the fish and the button? For some reason I interpreted the phrasing as separate photos, and only just now realized I might be wrong. Also, what are the rules regarding baits? Hypothetically, could I put a grocery store-bought bait on a bare jighead and fish it like a lure? Could I use the wrapper of an item? Thanks, and good luck to everyone this week, looking forward to seeing all the cool catches!
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Bait photos

No, you can take a picture of the baits separately. It would be nice if you explained which baits worked for which fishes.

I think we intended the bait to be the sole attractant, so that means a bare hook. Otherwise people could just put a gummy bear on the back treble of a rapala and go to town. A jighead is just a weighted hook so that would be okay.

The packaging material or wrapper is not part of the bait; you're supposed to use the organic food-type material for bait. If a person could eat it, it counts. The only exception is peels from fruits and vegetables. If you want to use banana peels you can peel the banana, eat it, and use the peel.

I will update the rules with these clarifications.

Good luck!