Grayling, Arctic Mike B



Mirage Islands, Great Slave Lake
Date Caught: 
Thursday, March 15, 2012
This fish was caught in the early summer of 2004 I think. About as nice a specimen as they get.


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That is the most awesomest grayling I have ever laid eyes on! Beautiful.

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Thats a beast! The fish is pretty scary too!

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I really wish they let felons into Canada....
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Moose- Alaska, maybe?

That is definitely the most gorgeous grayling (possibly fish) I've seen in my life.

Mike B's picture

Can't people in the U.S. get a pardon, especially for something like weed? I'd love to catch an Alaskan grayling they though. Didn't happen on my last visit. I haven't been able to replicate the quality of this specimen try as I might.

mike b

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Maybe someday, all the information on it is super confusing. I have pretty much given up on it and will just have to get all that I can from Alaska. Just sucks I can't cause a ruckus with you in your hood sometime. Outstanding fish man