Fly Patterns from across the Web


Every so often, I come across a cool fly pattern or a good article about fly tying. Here's a list of web links to some fly patterns I have found useful over the years, or articles about styles or systems of tying. A lot of these are simple, easy-to-crank out patterns as I have a love affair with simple but deadly flies. Others are old patterns that have stood the test of time. Finally, a significant proportion of these are just weird things I would like to try out someday. Have fun, and feel free to add hyour own in the comments.



I plan to add to this list as I find new patterns to experiment with.





Divemaster's picture

Thanks for the links, Corey! These all look like great patterns for a multitude of species, I'll have to tie up some of those nymphs for Spring Hogsuckers pretty soon.

Matt Miller's picture

This is a great feature, Corey and a nice round-up. I love looking at new patterns even though I tend to stick to a handful of reliables when I fly fish. I'd be interested in what others' go-to flies are.