Eclispe Angling was HOT! JusT I was not

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Mack in N.C.
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Eclispe Angling was HOT! JusT I was not
<p>Peak of the Eclispe here in my part of NC was 244 pm.&nbsp; I left work at 2 made it home grabbed some gear and headed to Jordan Lake to see the Eclispe.&nbsp;&nbsp; Pretty cool but what I saw here was only 94 percent .&nbsp; Left there at 250 or so an d by 315 I was at a Bowfin spot.&nbsp; The Eclispe was at least partially going on for anoter hour and I can tell you the bite was incredible for 315 to 415 then it died.&nbsp; I have no Idea if it was form the eclispe ending of them all a=haveing sore mouths but the fish were very active rolling and chasing in that hour.&nbsp; I have no clue what it was like from 2-3 but would assume it was awesome as well.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Now I only caught 2 , 1&nbsp; reason being I took a carp rod and I think i wasn&#39;t getting a good hook set on them but I lost probably 10-12 fish,&nbsp;&nbsp; 2 big ones broke me off on wood,&nbsp;&nbsp; 3 or 4 just broke me off.&nbsp; I have to keep hard pressure on them as water in full of timber.&nbsp;&nbsp; 1 even broke 30 lb braid.&nbsp;&nbsp; the rest the hooks just pulled.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; this was all in that 1 hr period when i first got there.</p> <p>I would cast out, set the rod and with 30 seconds the line would start going out.&nbsp; I should of done a video on all the lost fish I had but you woud not want to here me.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; anyway here is a video on it that doesnt do it justice.</p> <p>Oh, 1st part was done the day before to see how the fishing was and it was only ok,&nbsp;&nbsp; 2nd part was during the eclispe</p> <p><a href=""></a></p>
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Bowfin are annoying bastards normally - I can't imagine trying to keep them hooked from a bridge.