Eau Galle/Red Cedar River Outing April 2005

Sunday morning we set out with Rich to catch up on the state of some of our favourite rivers, and hopefully catch a few fish..

Rich White Sucker

Rich quickly got the species count started with this hefty White Sucker on his ultralight.  What a fight!

Yellow Perch

Then we started catching these huge Yellow Perch. These fish are more often caught in lakes than rivers, but for some reason this and other nearby rivers get large runs of them. We caught at least a dozen, but it wasn't until Rich was almost ready to leave that he decided he would like a few fish for dinner.

Yellow Perch - a Fine Stringer of Fish!

It didn't take Rich long to assemble a respectable mess of perch for an evening meal.  This was one of those times where you suddenyl look at each other and say "Man, we are catching huge perch by the dozen, we should really take a few home to eat!"

And we did.

Silver Redhorse

I added another species with the first of many Silver Redhorse. Somehow I ended up getting sprayed with redhorse eggs shortly after this photo was taken, and was picking them off my shirt and vest all day long.

Eau Galle River Wisconsin Landscape


Andy did some exploring up and downstream from our favoured island spot. Here, he surveys the beautiful Eau Galle valley.

Mooneye Red Cedar

The bites tapered off, so we headed to the Red Cedar River near Dunnville, where a whole family was stocking up on suckers for the smoker. Andy cast out and caught 15 Mooneyes like this one on 15 consecutive casts! The mooneyes were in spawning condition and were very eager biters. 

Shorthead Redhorse

Here's a nice Shorthead Redhorse I caught in between mooneyes. I landed a Redhorse Slam (Silver, Golden, Shorthead) in about fifteen minutes at the Red Cedar.

Silver Redhorse Red Cedar Wisconsin

A fine Silver Redhorse capped off a great day of fishing. This fish was hooked in the main channel with a 4 ounce sinker, and had me thinking "River Redhorse" up until the end!


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