DT Wins the Silver Redhorse Trophy for a second time!


DT won the day with an outright victory in a very difficult species derby on Saturday! He edged out a win with 3 species in three hours, and Outdoors4Life gallantly handed it off to the new champ. Congrats, DT!



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and almost even better, DT got the front freakin' page!!!!!!

Carpy Diem!

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Psssssst.  Your shirt is untucked there Mr. Champion

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Kol, my sibling from another dribbling, you and me had that talk. About the front page, the number of two time winners. How you wanted to be a three? First one to three? And hell ya man! Finally right?
So here’s how it played out. The last few years I been all forest ninja and venturing farther up river than most. Fiddle was up farther than me once but that spot is very nice. This year two (faster) than me ninjas beat me there. Ha ha, oh well both them dudes are great anglerfisherpeople and so no worries about an accidental line cross cast. Plus if a fish was being reeled in the guy close would just reel up and get the hell outta the way. All is good.
So maybe 10 minutes or so into the derby Jake hooks into a fish. Nice! A stringer golden. Wasn’t long before me and Aaron joined in with some gold of our own.
A few minutes later I was gonna just reel up ad reposition my bait with another cast into the current. Well low and behold if it wasn’t a hog. The fish on my shirt I was wearing. Them things are so notorious for a weak bite detection. For me anyhow.
So now it’s two to one on the guys next to me. Fluke fish for sure but non the less. Well then I had another tap tap so I set the hook will all the onions and this fish was a faster run. Quicker and not a lumbersome slower feel. More like lightning than a bull. Get it to shore and low and behold a dang ol brown trout. Sheeze what a fiscal getting that fish to shore. Aaron was right there with his net but as just I was gonna Bassmaster it up the bank. That’s when stuff got all crazy. Floppin all around but I still managed to wrassle that stringer fish to get a picture. Of course it wiggled outta my hands. And back down that same bank it went. Thanks to last years champ we saved it. Thanks again.
Plus when ya win first ya get first choice at the prize table and this year I picked a very nice hand made wooden flight server that I hope to put to use.

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Any one of us could have won. We have all been close or won and it helps my karma points for me to take the trophy home next year to be the 3rd 2 time winner.  

It all works out. I got the prize I had my eye on too!

It is all perspective!

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A much deserved trophy for a hard-earned victory.  I think everyone was relieved that someone won the derby outright, since a fish-off might have taken hours!

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Congratulations, we'll have to come down sometime for that, have a great summer gang!

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congrats on the win man