Darter, Blueside fiddleFish



Date Caught: 
Friday, April 4, 2014


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Your latest round of photos are amazing!  Any tips?

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Thanks, pmk.  Takes a certain level of committment (if I'm not committed I should be?).  There is a direct seemingly exponential relationship between how much gear you need to haul out in the field and the quality of photos you can hope to get.  A glass tank, backdrops, wipedown cloths, bigger cameras, faster lenses, and on the list goes, all translate to more time spent setting up and taking good pics, which means less fishing time.  One tip?  For me, adequate depth of field is important, and has been tough to achieve using compact small-sensor cameras in macro mode.  All else equal, faster lenses help if they gain you a stop or two.  A larger sensor camera allows you to shoot from further away, getting greater depth of field, and the larger sensor usually provides sufficient image quality to allow you to crop closely.