Contest is over!

The Judges will be looking at all contest entries over the next couple of days.  We will have a definite Champion at the end of this process.  Right now, it appears that Tony S WILL BE THE 2014 SPECIES CONTEST CHAMPION!!!  This was a fantastic contest, and everybody should be proud of their catches.  This contest is why is the coolest damn fishing website in the World, and it is proven without a doubt once again.  Much, much more recap to come in the near future!  There were so many awesome individual catches that we need to acknowledge them.  KEEP IT ROUGH!!!


Thanks everybody!


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Looks like you are the 2014 Champion!  I personally think this victory is especially impressive because all of your catches were from Minnesota and Wisconsin while many other competitors traveled to numerous states.  Kudos, sir.

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Amazing All-Round Angling Awesomeness by Tony!!!

This has definitely been the most exciting contest I've witnessed. So many folks put up some awesome catches, even with the challenging conditions. And Tony got to 42, without leaving the WI/MN area!


Vast amounts of rad. It's been a privilege to watch.

Fishn sure is neat

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Congrats Tony! That's quite an accomplishment!

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Thanks guys!  Lots of great angling out there, accross the board.  Really tough conditions for anybody fishing the midwest (I admit I have no idea what the weather has been like elsewhere).


I'm glad I was able to make some solid catches close to home.  I wanted to do it that way - of course it helped keeping me close to home that I was working overtime every single week and still pretty broke...  I think this is the fewest aggregate hours I've ever put into this contest, just glad I could make them count.


*que corny thank you speech*  I'd like to thank my very understanding Wife most of all but also; caffiene, corn nuts, the battle-wagon (I promise to clean you soon),  parking lots, the Great Cthulhu, the LRC, crawler flats, everyone who provided a handy net job, and everyone who provided handy encouragement!


Total stats:

  • 15 species within a few blocks of our apartment (probably should have been more)
  • 22 species outside town but still "local" (within 100 miles)
  • the single farthest species was right around 200 miles (still really not very far)
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Technically I was able to catch every species except Musky without a boat too.  My contest Pike and LM Bass pics are in a canoe but I caught plenty of them from shore over the month.  Pretty excited about that too, always fun to catch cool fish from shore.  The only thing I could make work for Musky this year was canoe trolling a mid-sized spinnerbait

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You really done good. Congrats Tony.

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Complete total local domination.  Very cool man!  Our conditions sucked this year for sure.  Tony, your a heck of an angler.  Nicely done.

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Good job man! Hats off to ya

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Some awesome fishing you done did dude! :-) Congrats!!!



The gods do not subtract the alotted span in men's lives the hours spent in fishing.

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Great job Tony congrats man!

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Awesome dude great job, and congrats to the rest of the great fishers, I've not yet caught that many species in my life....................................yet!!! 8)

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Tony, you are the man! A worthy champion and one hell of an angler. To catch all those species as close to home as you were and in a limited time is quite a feat. I really enjoyed watching you work and hope someday I can approach that kind of skill myself. Enjoy your hard fought and well deserved victory, champ!

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Thanks everybody!  


Gary- thanks for keeping me on my toes through that, kept me from getting lazy! (or getting tired and sleeping...)

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Congrats FP4L on the youth win!  Heck of a great spread of species there!

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Congrats Tony!  An impressive collection of hard core species as always.  You couldn't have missed on much in the local vicinity and that makes it all the more challenging towards the end - with that said you sure know how to break out the fireworks to finish things out in style during the final days! Great work.

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thanks!  Nice work yourself, definately jealous of those southern species - maybe someday.

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Way to go bud! Impressed doesn't even begin to describe it. You are quite the angler, master Tony.