Congrats to Fishnerd!


2022 Species Contest


What a masterful showing.


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Way to go man!

Carpy Diem!

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Hell yeah!! 

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And congrats to you.

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June is always the best month of the year and this year was no different. It was an incredible ride that took me through some beautiful scenery and of course some unique fishing opportunities. Months of research paid off to produce a fishing trip that yielded a copious supply of fish species. This is such an amazing community and I have to thank the Geving brothers for running both the website and the contest. Also thanks to all the members who have previously fished the areas I visited who gave me recommendations on locations to try for various species, with a bonus shout out to tom and Mathew Williams for coming out fishing with me and dispensing their wisdom. I must also recognize LowVision for teaching me how to fish and accompanying me on our journey across the Southeastern United States. Now, 2 weeks out from this years contest, I can't wait until next year!

2017: Total species (44), New (12)
2018: Total species (94), New (50)
2019: Total species (113), New (49)
2020: Total species (63), New (9)
2021: Total species (72), New (10)
2022: Total species (144), New (54)

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Amazing accomplishment, great fun to share by in the experince by watching the incredile run unfold.



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A well deserved win!! Nice catches!

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I'm a bit late but congratulations!  Awesome achievement!



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