Catfish Jr Catches His First Burbot

Thursday, December 10, 2020
Around 5 pounds

Catfish Jr and I decided to go down to the canal to see if we could catch an eelpout or two. The weather was absolutely beautiful and warm for December. The air was calm and tourists were about. We even saw several people canoeing and kayaking. After soaking our smelt for an hour we noticed action on one of the rods. Catfish Jr applied a proper hook set and the fight was on. After netting it, celebration ensued. He was very happy to catch his first eelpout. We missed a couple more bites and then I got a burbot of my own. Mine was very small, but since it swallowed the hook we happily took it home with the other one. Catfish Jr did not want to leave, but it was a school night, so at 7pm we hurried home to boil up our poor man's lobster. What a treat. A successful outing and a successful meal for us. Thanks to all who have shared information on this site about open water eelpout.


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Congrats to the boyo!

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Congrats to the young lad on great catch!

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Nice job Catfish Jr. Congrats on catching a super cool fish!

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That is the stuff of legend right there, to pave new ground on a tough species and have that bonding moment on top of it. Big congrats!

"There's always a bigger fish"

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Nice. I haven’t fished for them in open water. Where were you getting the smelt from? Seems I can’t find them in bait shops as easily as before. I fish up in your area quite a bit. I also have family up there too.

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Thanks for all the kind words. It was a tactic we will employ again.

Cap. Brandt - I got the smelt at Marine General in Duluth last summer. I don't know if they have any right now.

Looking forward to pout o rama.

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I'm looking forward to this year's bare knuckle burbotfest as well.  Stay tuned for some dates for the event soon!


Probably 2nd or 3rd weeknd in January.  TBD.

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Awesome congrats buddy! 8)