Carp Through The Ice

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Carp Through The Ice
<p><span style="font-size:14px;">Just wandering if anyone has tried catching Carp through the ice???</span></p>
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iced Carp

Yes, I've had decent success a few times targetting them suspended over the deepest hole in a shallow small reservoir. I imagine the same pattern would exist in small lakes and ponds, carp would probably be a challenge to locate in larger waters.  When I caught them it was with a tiny tungsten jig and a couple maggots.  They were very tough to finesse into biting and I'd consider a flasher nearly essential in the situation I fished but they could be caught.  

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I have caught some decent sized wild goldfish through the ice before. I have the most success fishing in the pond's deepest water with a little ice fly tipped with a wax worm or half a mealworm. They're pretty cool in my opinion and, with most of them being ten or twelve inches long, they put up a pretty good tussle on bluegill tackle. They're also pretty finicky and some of the lightest biters I've ever seen.


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I have found youtube videos ice fishing for carp.  Only one had sucess and they chummed corn and used boilies.  I also believe they were fishing a bay of a larger lake.