Bullhead, Yellow nchull



Fulshear, Texas
Date Caught: 
Monday, January 26, 2015


uconn fishhead's picture

This fish doesn't look like a Bullhead to me.  The color and head shape are more like a Channel or White Cat. And the tail is worn so you can't see whether it may have been originally forked.  It looks most like a White Cat to me, but they aren't supposed to live there.  Anyone else have thoughts??

Dr Flathead's picture

Washed out black bullhead.

uconn fishhead's picture

Can't be a Black Bullhead.  Chin barbels are white.

SomewhereDownstream's picture

I'd probably also guess weird black bullhead on this one. Based solely on range, it has to be either a black or a yellow, and the habitat is all wrong for a yellow.

Could it be albino or something, maybe?


uconn fishhead's picture

Well, I supposed if it's truly an albino (which I guess is possible), it's just as likely to be a Yellow Bullhead as a Black.  Interesting, anyway...

TonyS's picture

Ignore the color for minute as weirdly colored fish can throw you off.  Yellows are shaped like madtoms with straight bodies, tall caudal peduncles and very long anal fins.  A clear shot of the anal fin for this fish would likely tell the shory for sure but I could 15 visible rays on the anal fin and I doubt many are hidden.  The caudal peduncle is short and the fish has that big-head-skinny-tail shape that's typical of Black Bullheads. 

Dr Flathead's picture

I'd say it was caught out of very murky water. 

Dr Flathead's picture

And probably caught in the winter or early spring. Minnesota has got to be the unofficial world capital of the black bullhead or something. We sure have a lot of them here. 

drawer.bli's picture

I’d agree with black. You can see the crescent on the caudal peduncle.