This fly is one of my best all-around fish catchers.  It is quick and simple to tie, and will catch almost any species you throw it at.  I am consistently impressed with the number of nice stream trout I catch on the Bugsy, fishing it with short staccato movements.  This is especially deadly in small streams after a good rain has colored the water.  Other species that can't resist this fly include any type of sunfish, plus carp, drum, crappies, bass, mooneyes and even bullheads.  Good steelhead fly as well.


Hook:  Streamer, #6 - #10

Thread:  Black 6/0

Tail:  Black Rabbit

Rib:  Silver wire

Body:  Black Rabbit, dubbed

Hackle:  Grizzly

Bead:  Gold bead

Tying instructions: First, slip a bead onto the hook.  Start the thread in the middle of the hook shank, and wrap to the hook bend.  Cut a small clump of fur from a black zonker strip and tie it in for the tail.  Tie in the ribbing wire at your tail wraps.  Next, pull or cut off some more fur from the rabbit strip and dub this onto the thread(loosely is ok).  Wrap the dubbing forward to the bead.  Tie in the hackle by the butt, after stripping off the fuzz from the base of the feather.  Wrap the hackle back to the tail, making 5 or 6 wraps.  Then wrap the wire ribbing forward to the bead and tie off.  Using a piece of velcro or something similar, Brush out the dubbed body to tease out the rabbit fur a little bit.  This creates a bolder profile in the water, and just gives the fly a buggier appearance.  Whip-finish behind the bead and add some cement.