Bowfin WreckedAngler



Date Caught: 
Sunday, October 4, 2015
. Finally got a bowfin, he put up a hell of a fight! Very unique awesome fish , i hope to catch more in the future!
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drawer.bli's picture

Beautiful! Really digging that blue coloration... I've never seen that before! Still looking for my own 'fin. :(

Graceclaw's picture

They are quite uncooperative. It's not a bowfin pic if the fish doesn't have lots of dirt on it!

Gotta love those fish. Glad you got to experience one.

andy's picture

Man, bowfin are definitely one of the poster children for Roughfish.  Mean, tough, and under-appreciated.  Congrats on catching one of these awesome critters!

WreckedAngler's picture

It was very uncooperative graceclaw. Very fun catch on 17lb line , Put up a hell of a fight with a circle hook in the side of his mouth.